Author: Caleb Chapman

Why Choose Artificial Turf for Your Dogs

Owning a dog is a rewarding experience, but it comes with a lot of responsibility. Dog owners enjoy having a pet, but they don’t look forward to cleaning up their mess. 

Homeowners who have a big backyard may have a separate area for their dog, so he won’t mess up the yard. People who have small backyards have the challenge of keeping their yard clean when they have dogs or children. Artificial turf is the solution for dogs.

Artificial turf is a manufactured lawn and grass product and sold by a local turf reseller that stays green all year round and will not leave marks that come on the pathway. A lawn that is kept up to date will also raise the value of your home. 

Whether you have a big or small backyard that is perfect for your dog to run around in, artificial grass will keep your house looking beautiful.

Grass is necessary for dogs

Dogs need grass for a variety of reasons. They can roll in it, play with it, eat it, and dig it up. Although your dog cannot dig or eat artificial grass, they can do other things. Dogs love the feel of grass instead of other textures like concrete. Artificial turf allows dogs to enjoy the grass without making a mess.

Less Maintenance

Taking care of your backyard may seem like a chore because you have to mow, rake, or trim your grass. Artificial turf will give your dog everything that it needs without having to do extra yard work. Your dogs can exercise and play in the grass without your supervision.

Artificial Turf is Sanitary

Most artificial grass comes with an anti-microbial agent that is built in the artificial turf. Debris and water flow easily through the artificial grass and will not stay trapped on the surface. Artificial grass creates a safe and sanitary area for dogs. 

Artificial turf is the perfect solution for dog owners who want to keep their pets happy without doing any hard work. Using artificial grass will help you maintain the cleanliness of your yard when you have a dog.

Easter Games to Play on Artificial Turf

This Easter before you enjoy that decadent meal, why not try out some or all of these games with family and friends! Don’t forget to purchase your artificial turf from Artificial Grass Recyclers then you want to try the following games.

1. Bunny/Chick Bowling – Use a stencil to carve your own or purchase wood shapes in the form of bunnies or chicks. Attach these to wooden stands and paint to look like a bunny or chick respectively. You could also use empty cans, jars or bottles painted in different spring colors. Use a giant plastic egg that has been weighted inside or paint a volleyball, soccer ball or beach ball in pastel colors to use for a ball. 

2. Ring Toss – Use any spring yard decorations you can find. At Easter, bunnies are plentiful. Place the yard decorations into a flower pot. If you have artificial turf, do not put the yard decorations directly on your lawn because this will ruin the turf. Buy rings that you know will fit around whatever yard decoration you buy. Let the kids and family have a blast throwing these rings from a distance and trying to get them around the decoration. 

3. Pin the Tail on the Bunny – Find a poster of a bunny to hang up somewhere in your yard. If you are good at drawing, then draw your own on a large piece of paper. Buy some white pom poms, cotton balls, or make your own pom poms from yarn. Attach tape or a glue dot to the back of each tail. Blind fold each participant prior to taking their turn and turn them around three times. Let go and guide them to the poster. Have them place their tail where they think it should be. Closest to the actual spot wins. 

4. Egg Hunt – Get outside and hide eggs before your guests arrive. Have the kids search the lawn for the eggs. You could even give them all a cute basket to collect their eggs in and allow them to have it as a souvenir. Its best to use plastic eggs for this. 

5. Egg Toss – This is a must if you want to see your family get messy and have some laughs. First, have participants partner up. Next, give them a raw egg. Have each set of partners stand back to back and take 10 paces forward then turn around. The person with the egg in each pair then throws the egg to their partner. If their partner catches it, they take a step backward. If they miss, they are out of the game. Be sure to clean up the mess immediately with a hose to avoid damage to your artificial turf. 

6. Teaspoon Race – Have each participant grab a teaspoon and put a raw egg on it. Then mandate a start and finish line. On go, participants walk from the start to the finish and back again to win the race while balancing the raw egg on the end of their spoon. You could also perform this with partners as a relay. Again, if an egg breaks, clean it up immediately to avoid damage.

An accessible synthetic grass lawn means more time outside

Weeds and other problems maintaining grass can limit the time you are spending outside. You may work on your lawn and do not have time to relax and enjoy it. Biltright can solve this problem. They can do synthetic grass installations that need little maintenance.

 This synthetic grass can be installed by the professional team and will meet your outside needs. You will not have to worry about spending time cutting the grass and it will help save you time and money.

 Biltright can help install the artificial turf that meets the needs of your yard. The grass will always be green no matter what season it is. This grass is safe for both children and pets to play on. The fake grass is free from allergens. If you have allergens to the outdoors this grass will help take it away. You will be able to sit outside and enjoy your lawn without worry about allergies. This artificial turf does not need to be water. After it rains there is a drainage system so that puddles will not build up. The lawn is low maintenance. You will not have to spend hours weeding, mowing, watering, and caring for the lawn. The artificial turf is clean. There is no mud since there is no dirt associated with this type of grass. Bugs will not live in it and animal waste will drain or it can be washed away with a hose.  Biltright will help you get the lawn that you have always wanted. You will be able to enjoy your time outdoors. You will not have to worry about taking care of the lawn or allergies caused by grass and weeds. You can call Biltright today and get a free quote on how to improve your outdoor living by having artificial turf installed in your home.

How does artificial turf keep your house clean

When you think about artificial turf there are a few things that come to mind, these things are things that everyone already knows about the turf itself. It requires low maintenance meaning that you do not have to worry about mowing it or spraying it down for weeds because it’s fake grass and will not grow anything. You probably also know that most sport fields and arenas choose artificial turf as their ground because it’s softer than natural grass, harder to puncture, it’s bouncier, and it’s completely flat so players don’t have to worry about tripping or falling over a bump in the field. But did you know that having artificial turf can help keep your home clean?

That’s right, having artificial turf really is the whole package. There is nothing that can compare to this investment. The artificial turf is capable of keeping your home clean in many different ways.

If you have kids or pets then there is no doubt that they like to go out and roll around in the grass. When kids and pets roll around in the grass they typically come in with grass blades and dirt covering them, and if it had just rained or the lawn was just mowed then they might even be stained green. But with artificial turf this is no longer an issue.

No more dirt means no more dirty shoes walking through your house. No more mowing the lawn means no more loose grass blades making their way into your house from the kids or pets that had just played outside. And if you are still worried about staining, artificial turf dries quickly. This means that the kids and pets can play outside after the rain and not come in messy or wet because the ground soaks up all of the water within an hour or so. So if you are tired of having dirt track through your house, you should consider installing artificial turf to your lawn today.

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